Thursday, 29 November 2012

My Studio at Oxton

This is where it all happens, workshops, hooking, prodding, dyeing you will see I have a ginger helper too he's waiting for the class to start!


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Is that a proddy chair cover? It's all very cozy and inviting ~ I would love to hook there!!

Rug Hooking Artist said...

Alice hello.. you can come and hook anytime in my studio its bright, cheerful and cozy even more so if you were here hooking with me!!one day..The chair cover is knitted proddy my friend Miriam Miller in Australia made it for me. You cut strips of material about 1/2" wide mostly t shirts and sweat shirts or any soft fabric then knot the strips using lengths between 12" and 18" long. Using large needles cast on as many stitches as required then just plain knitting till required size making sure the knots are up on the top as these form the proddy look.. hey presto